Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss Bella and her toys

My house looks like I have a toddler again!!
We call Miss Bella the eating machine!!

When she gets a new toy .. it takes her less than an hour to shred it completely.

In fact some of them only last five minutes (like the lamb I gave her at Christmas).

If you look real close at the 2nd picture .. she's chewed the dog feet off the plastic toy... this toy is currently in the trash .. it only had two feet left on it.

While I was in Orlando last week ... Dave was training her on the electric fence .... she's doing pretty good .. except when she sees a live body (neighbor or other animal)....she runs right through the fence ..shock and all!

 The whole house is giving me grief because I can't train her.  I'm so afraid she'll get hit by a car ..... once you've had that happen to you ...you never get over it! (Even if you were only five years old.)

Get this .. Dave trained her to come running when we bounce the tennis ball.  So, I stand at the door .... watch her go potty and the minute she's done .. I bounce the ball several times and she comes running.  Only catch ..make sure no one is outside... she ran after the meter reader dude today and I had my hair in a towel ..... was in my pjs and had no makeup on.  All I could say was Sorry!!
She only chased him because she LOVES everybody and everything .... she wouldn't bite a flea.

Now for some TV talk ...

The Bachelor was on last night .... I can't help but love it.  I usually pick my favorite .. but I'm having a hard time.  I liked Sarah .. his first one on one date... then I LOVED Desiree ... but I also like Kacie and Lesley (blond chick).  Like Sean said ..once he talked to them ..he saw potential in all of them.  So, I guess I'll hold off on my predictions .. for at least another week or so.  I can say "Tierra and Amanda need to go".  

Justified is on tonight ....I'm looking forward to week two of Season four!!  When I watch that show it reminds me of home (Tennessee and Kentucky accents are very similar).

Gotta run .. I haven't felt good since I got home from Orlando and its time for my daily nap (seriously .. it is ..when I'm sick .. I take naps).

p.s. Stampin' Up! announced several promotions at Leadership and one of the things that really struck me afterwards was how negative some people get .. before they know anything.  I sure hope I've taught my children to think positive until there's a reason to go negative.  I personally... am going to find a way to work all of it ...into a benefit for me and my business.
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Anonymous said...

Miss Bella is just adorable!

Thanks for sharing.


Kerry said...

Damn that dog is cute!