Thursday, January 24, 2013

a simple hello

I always say ... things happen for a reason.

Although .. I'm not sure I always believe that!

For example the hotel issue in Orlando... still scratching my head trying to figure out the good that came out of that.

Since I've returned from Orlando .. I've not felt 100% .. and I'm pushed myself to much!

And ... it backfired... or wait .... I'm not sure that's the problem.

My word for 2013 is ...


Here's my story .... 

I tell my kids all the time .. you can do anything you set your mind to.  You have to Believe it to Achieve it.  

And I'm a prime example of that all the time!

But .. I will say .. I'm a little tired of the constant struggle to make things right.

That sounds so awful .. let me explain.

In November I went to a meeting ...where it was decided I would do Online Classes. 

So, I launched my first one in December.  Everything went well .. only had one negative comment (thank God) from a paying customer and one negative comment from someone that did not pay.  I say that alone is SUCCESS considering how negative and entitled people can be.

Now for the hum dinger ... 

I set up my Sale-a-bration Class (2nd online class)... it looked beautiful .....everything worked.  But ... I worked like a dog ... for days and hours on end .. (no joking .. even at 11pm .. watching a movie with hubby ..still loading videos .. he was ready to kick me to the curb).

Then the sky falls .. videos stop working .. I tried everything .. and I was sick .. (still sick .. been up all night.. probably why I'm pouring my heart and soul out on this blog).
I spent hours making changes ... trying to figure out what happened.  I still don't know!  The thing that did happen is the company I use for my videos had a big upgrade (that was NOT cheap) and I'm thinking .. it has issues.

So ...the end of the story is .. I hired my website hosting company to add my online classes to My Chic n Scratch site.  They will set up everything ...and all I have to do is add the content (you and I both know I also have to create, film, edit, type, take pics, edit pics..the list goes on).  But what excites me the most is IF ...or WHEN (cause we know I always do) ..all I have to do is ask them for help.  Granted .. I'm paying a lot of money for it... but I think in the long run ... I'll see a return in my investment (how'd you like that I went from talking emotional to talking like my hubby... he would say .."when can you expect a return on your investment" and I say "don't ask me about numbers").

The whole point of this long post .. is I ask Alec in November about setting up my online classes .... and I didn't want to pay the money .. I'm kicking myself now!  

Now you see why my word is DELEGATE .. don't ya?

I gotta run ... need more advil!!

p.s.  if this post is gone later .. you'll know I started feeling better and decided I said too much.
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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we just need to vent. Hope all is going well.

Hugs, Marty