Saturday, January 12, 2013

Leadership in Orlando

Just checking in real fast ..... It's been a CRAZY week!

If you know me well ..... You know that I have incredible good luck ....and incredible bad luck and when it's bad I FREAK!

So, I arrive in Orlando be told that my hotel overbooked .....and they transferred me to a hotel over two miles away from all my friends ... A hotel right off the interstate (those always scare me for reasons I won't go into ....yep I've seen too many movies). Not only that ..... But I'm traveling alone.

I've had the help of many friends .... But being so far away I've not seen many.

Enough of the boo hooing (I know it could be a whole lot worse).....

One of the positives is ...... I got to help a few of my friends and they helped me.

Here's a picture of us at breakfast our first monrning (ignore my looks ....I'd only had two hours of sleep and had zero eye makeup on).

Now back to the hotel situation ..... Dave (wonderful husband that I couldn't live without) called the hotel and got me room .... For the last two nights here I am ....where I was supposed to be.  Although ....why unpack when I'm leaving tomorrow am?

I'm off our last day of Leadership and I can't wait to get home and process everything ....and STAMP!

See ya!
P.s. please ignore any typos!
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