Monday, January 7, 2013

Photography Class

Today is day one of my Online Photography Class and I'm soooo excited!

I'm also scared to death!

How the heck am I going to fit this in .. with work?  And I leave for our Stampin' Up! Leadership meeting this week.

I told my assistant earlier today that this has been on my bucket list for a long time.  In fact I've tried to get in the class for a few years now.  Jan - March is not the ideal time ... but then again ... looking at the calendar ..when is?

So, I'm jumping in .. with two feet.  I'll either sink or swim. 

I printed all my material and it should give me something to read during the times the airline won't let me turn on my iPad.

I took my first picture on manual mode today .. it was too blurry to post .. so I snapped another with the auto mode.

Here's the unedited picture of Miss Bella (sorry she needs a bath after playing in the snow).

Here's the picture after I edited it in Photoshop Elements 10 (I cropped it and increased the contrast)

Amazing at what two steps can do to a picture!!

Isn't she so stinkin cute?
By the way ... Miss Bella is a Cavachon.
Half King Charles Cavalier and half Bichon Frise (she doesn't shed either).

See ya!
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Anonymous said...

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

And she is beautiful photoshopped or not!


Soonymary said...

she is gorgeous!!! and I am sure you'll be fine with the course...hope I will be too!