Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Siggy Swaps

Here's a picture of my Siggy Swaps.
I made 101 of them and they went pretty fast.  I just hope I did them right.  I'm kinda nervous and wish I hadn't signed up for it.  But it's done and I hope everyone is okay with my work.

I look back on old cards of mine...that first year especially ....and I cringe.

So, I've been gone a while.  I had to put my sewing machine in the shop.  Yes it almost killed me!!  It was skipping stitches :(  I'm very happy the lady at the quilt shop caught it for me.   That's why my zig zag stitch wasn't working :)  good to know!!

I've got a ton of ideas to show you and made some drawings in my notebook so I don't forget....but July & August calendar is so full I'm not sure how much sewing I'll get done.  All the purses I was working on....I'm sorry they are all on hold until mid August.  
Good news though....we found out this week that Stampin' Up! is getting some new fabric dies and we'll carry a small line of fabric....AWESOME!!

See ya later,
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Julie Hirt - 627handworks said...

I just found your blog and I love it - I noticed your labels and I'm in Lenexa. Glad you mentioned Prairie Point because I've only been to Harper's and need to find more places to go. Is there going to be some kind of quilter's convention around here?

I'm a sporadic crafter and decided I wanted to give sewing a whirle. I just started and my first project is a quilt (ha! right?). I finished the face last night and am going after work to look for backing and batting.

Well, I could keep babbling - but I'm just happy to have found your site and it's nice to see someone local. I don't blog much but I do occasionally:

Tandra said...

hi Angie!! What is a siggy Swap, and what did youdo with these fabric squares?

Mary said...

Yes, could you explain what a siggy swap is please. I think the way your fabric is organzied is great, if it works for you, than it is perfect! :) Mary

jody said...

I too wanted to know what a siggy swap is. I hope that when the time comes I can join your regular block swap. Love the purses

The Gaertegang Homestead said...

I'm with them on not knowing what this kind of swap is....I might have to log onto Ikea and score me some shelves!!

~melissa p. said...

Your swaps are awesome!! You did a great job! I wish I was in on this one then I could have had one of yours. Next time we will have to do one together. Love the make life fabric, so bright and cherrie. Miss ya!! Can't wait to see what you come up with.