Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fabric Organization

Here's a picture of my new fabric shelf.
Since I'm new to the sewing world....I have no clue how most ladies organize their fabric.
So....I decided to start with organizing them by color.......can you tell which color is my favorite?
I'm sure in a month or so it will look totally different.

Here's another picture......
I should explain the mirror in the corner :)
Dave finished the basement several years ago and the main purpose was a poker area for the guys and game tables for our children...along with a big screen TV.
But ...... when I started making money with my stamping business...we knew it was time for a bigger office.  So, that mirror covers the fuse box and all those wires. I guess if I'd know then what I know now...I may have chosen a different floor plan for this space....but oh well I'm just happy the whole basement is mine!!

See ya later,

p.s. notice my two quilts & Bella (the dress form) up top?
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Anonymous said...

Love it! Please tell us more. Where did you get your shelves? Is it two shelving units stacked together? Also, where did you get the great 3 tier wire rack with the ribbon, etc. in it?
Thanks for sharing,

Karen Seitz said...

Beautiful! Angie, you and I have the same taste in decor and fabric. Can't wait to meet you at the quilt block swap at convention. My blocks are cut and the flowers are tacked on. Now it's time for sewing!

Peg said...

I was a quilter before I was a scrapbooker/card maker - my stamping stuff has overtaken my quilt stuff, but I still have an entire cabinet of quilt fabric that I need to pull out and use with the Big Shot someday. Anyway, I always organized by color, except for Holiday Fabric. Sometimes that is hard, because a blue/green can go in either the blue or the green bin!
Thanks for the pictures, it is inspiring!

Jennifer Thomas said...

I'm curious to know what the siggy swap is?

~melissa p. said...

Love the shelves!! What a great way to store fabric. Your finished quilts look to good folded up on your shelve. What an accomplishment!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you've entered the sewing world. you've got to to become a fabric hog. I've been sewing for quite some time, many moons before stamping came into my life. Here's a picture of my old storage from the other house

The house it's not so neat. I have about 8 bins or so not in the closet and more under the cutting table. You might be able to see the mess of the current house.

Karen Dolbow, Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Tracy said...

This is how I pictured your sewing room to be. Beautiful