Friday, June 11, 2010

Quilt Block Swap

Our Stampin' Up! convention is in 7 weeks and I'm hosting a Quilt Block Swap.   I'm still working out the details and if it goes well I'll be hosting one when I return ....for everyone :)

Here's my thinking process:
This Quilt was given to me from a friend when I moved to Nashville (back in the 80's) and I have cherished it forever.  It's so soft and cuddly and Brooke has decided to claim it.  But I re-claimed it last week :)  It's actually the only handmade quilt I've even owned. way of thinking is ....I love white/cream!! and because I love those colors why not use them on my first quilt.  I've started runners and made purses and started a Rag Quilt Throw......but this one will be my first.  Since I'm such a sentimental person I know I will hold on to it forever (once it gets made).

Here's the block I like the best :)  I made quiet a few yesterday and will show you those in the future.
If we all use the Clear Circle Flower Die.....our Quilt would kinda look like the butterflies.  They're 7 x 7 squares 8 x 8 squares....when the Quilt is finished those squares will measure 7 inches. I used a Moda Muslin (cream not white). All you would need to do is buy some quilting fabric that matches cream not white.  Glue your flower on and then stitch around it.  Once you get home you will sew all your blocks together, add the batting and backing and then have it quilted (not sure what that term is since I've never had it done).

I'm toying with moving the flower up and adding a stem but if I add more..... then that would make it more time consuming and it would cost more.  Is it too simple for ya'll?

So, those of you that are interested....what do you think?
 email me at mychicnscratch@me.comThis swap is only for Stampin' Up! demonstrators that are going to Convention.

I"m about 90 % sure I will host a swap when I get back... I made ten blocks last night and it went super fast.  But I also know it's because they are simple.   
For the ladies that have been quilting for years I realize this may be too simple for you and I'm sorry.  Since I'm new to sewing/quilting I've found the ladies interested are coming from beginners like myself.
Please let me know if you're interested asap so I can email everyone the details.

p.s. Here's a couple more pictures :)

p.s.  I've decided to use the Ivory Bella Solid over at the Fat Quarter Shop. Click here to go there now. If for some reason the link doesn't can click on the Fat Quarter shop button on the right side of my blog and when you get there, click on Moda Solids.  Then find the Ivory SKU#9900-60.  I choose this one because it's $5.75 a yard and everyone has access to online ordering.  I order from them frequently and the shipping is reasonable and pretty fast.

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The Gaertegang Homestead said...

So fun! I think simple is the best thing for your first quilt. #1 It will help you not to get confused or discouraged throughout the whole process. Also if you can throw together the quilt quickly you can have the quick gradification and inspiration to do another! Happy quilting!

Dee in Oklahoma said...

I love simple...I am not going to convention...but it will be fun for you.
Angie..simple lets the quilting show..I love hand is relaxing to me.
The butterfly quilt is a treasure.
You could always put colored or patterned stips inbetween each block for added color. And then add a colored binding. But I truely love the cream and simple flower.
I am hoping you have a quilt block swap when you get back..perfect for winter time. Great idea using a die to it!
Have fun..I am anxious to see your blocks when you get back..please display them, okay.
Hugs, Dee from Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Angie, This sounds great! How many squares would each swapper need to make? I am going to convention ( my first) and this sounds interesting, but I would want details!
Thanks- Laura

Anonymous said...

love your ideas angie

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

I would like more information about the swap I might be interested? Thanks

Diane Browning said...

Hi Angie, I'd be interested in paticipating, but need more information before I can commit. We all use the same die and the same fabric? Or same die, different fabrics? How many quilt blocks are we making? I'll be a convention.

Diane Browning

Olivia Studley said...

Do we need to pre wash the fabric before we cut?
I ordered the fabric and plan to try a square to see how simple or hard this is for me. I hope to join a group.
I look forward to meeting you.

PUGMAMA said...

Your quilts are absolutely beautiful and I enjoy always peeking in too see what'cha up to.
Thanks for sharing