Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ya wanna see what I'm working on next?
Here's a pattern I bought 
& the first one I plan on trying is the 
bag on the right.

following a pattern isn't easy for me!!
I think I do better if I can see the bag in person
and then look at it from every angle.

If you never see it......
you'll know it was more than I can handle :) 

See ya!

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Unknown said...

These patterns are really easy to follow Angie I promise. I have been using their dress patterns for years and I love them, so simple.

Anonymous said...

You wont have a problem with the pattern. They really are easy to follow. I love your new bog.

Robin said...

Angie! You are seriously amazing :)

I am looking forward to you teaching me how to make a purse thru your videos!!! One request? Could you prepare a shopping list beforehand, so I can have everything here at the house? That way I can get started as soon as the video is up.

Thanks for all you do!