Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Chic n Scratch

I'm really sorry I need to clarify a few things!

My Chic n Scratch blog is my paper crafting / Stampin Up! website  and it's staying put and nothing is changing.  In fact it got a major facelift this summer and I LOVE it!

My training videos will continue as well (I've scaled back a little) and they're posted on my main site (My Chic n Scratch).    I did away with Chic n Scratch Live! because my new website has a Video Gallery to keep everything nice and organized.

My Chic n Scratch - is my paper crafting blog


Chick n Scratch is my personal blog .. (will have lots of Miss Bella).   This blog used to be my quilting/sewing blog.  So the only thing changing is the content of this blog will be all personal stuff.  I tend to ramble .. post for a while ..then disappear .. healthy one minute .. sick the next.  I need to warn those of you that have this blog feed coming to your email ...that you may want to unsubscribe if you don't want to see a million pictures of my darling Bella.  If you want to stay .. I'd love to have you!!!  I just have to say it so I don't get an email telling me to stop posting pictures of my puppy.

I know having two websites with kinda the same name is confusing .... but I really like the name .... spelled in every way!!    Plus I've always loved the design that Veronica gave this blog!!

If you have any questions you're welcome to email me at mychicnscratch@me.com  (all my other emails work too .. no need to change it if you have a different one).

See ya!
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