Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quilting Machine

I can't believe I'm asking this question but.......I am.  
My birthday & Mother's Day is right around the corner.
 I'm kinda sorta looking at Quilting machines.
I made the mistake last year of buying a camera that has cost me a ton of money and I fear making that same mistake with a Quilting Machine.
I've done some research but the machine I was looking at has had lots of complaints in online forums.
If anyone could suggest a machine...I would soooo appreciate it!!
I already own a fantastic sewing machine and it works great.

I need the machine to have a Walking Foot & I like the ones that sounds nice.  Those loud ones bother me (you know...... sensory issues).


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Anonymous said...

I have been hooked on quilting since you made your first purse - HOOKED. In a search for more information about quilting I found this blog
She seems to know quite a bit about all things quilting - hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

As a beginner quitler I as ked for a cheaper model of sewing machine that came witha 1/4" presser foot and a walking foot. When it works, it works well. However, I keep having problems where it doesn't sew properly and it has a few sewing machine repair people baffled. My main suggestion is don't cheap out! Even if you don't go high end, don't get a cheaper model, they tend to be cheap for a reason. The absolute, bestest-to-die-for machine is a Bernina. I got to practice on one of these in a quilting class and it is worth saving up for! Hope this helps a little. :)

Colette said...

I just replaced my (SUPER)old Singer with a Janome DC2010 and am LOVING it! I recommend spending the extra $85-$90 and getting an acrylic table to go with it right away. Janome's website can lead you to your closest retailers...then you can try them out to see what you like. Have fun shopping. Can't wait to hear what you get.

Brandy said...

It really depends on how much you want to spend and what features you really want. The best advice I can give is go to different dealers and try them out just like when you buy a car. I have 4 machines. My dear old Kenmore I got at about 15. A singer I purchased to upgrade my Kenmore, which was a huge mistake. Then I have my 3 babies. I have a Pfaff 2170 which does machine embroidery as well as regular sewing, my Brother 3034D which is a serger, and my newest treasure a Bernina artista 630. My Bernina is hands down my favorite. If you like quilting and want to do free motion the Bernina BSR is the best and easiest I have found. But different people like different machines so try them all out. Talk to people who have the machines and find a good dealer because when you buy a nice machine your dealer should become one of your best friends and should take care of your machine for all the years you have it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just buy a walking foot for the machine you have? See how much you use it, and then purchse a different machine if you think you will use it more. The walking foot just attaches like other feet and does a good job. I have a basic Singer, about 10 years old, and bought the walking foot several years after the machine.

Jacque said...

I, too, love my Janome! However, as Brandy said, the best way to do this is to try them out. I have heard really go things about each of her models, too. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. Truly to quilt you just need a good reliable straight stitch machine. (Just think about all of the quilters who lust for a featherweight singer--straight stitch!) If you can purchase a walking foot for the machine you have, that's the route to go since you are happy with your current machine (take it from a long time quilter). As a beginner quilter you don't need to worry about free motion quilting and BSR's yet. Save your money until you are certain of what you really want ( or spend it on more fabric! :)

Cassie said...

I have a Viking Quilt Designer II and I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love my Viking :)

If your machine is running loud, you may need to oil it. Most machines need regular oiling to run smoothly. It doesn't take much time, but it makes a world of difference in the quality of stitches and noise factor. I used to oil my Kenmore before starting each new sewing project, or if I hadn't used it in a while. (My Viking has special technology that doesn't require regular oilings.)

Good luck!

Brandy said...

That's true if you have a decent straight stitch your good to go. My kenmore did wonderful for me for a long time.If you are just doing piecing that's all you need. My first two quilts were done on the kenmore, I pieced them and then tied them. I made a lot of appliques on it tho just putting the needle down and lifting the presser foot. It was only when I wanted to branch out to free motion that a new machine became nescesary. So I agree with Anon you could just buy a walking foot and you should be fine. and if your machine does needle down, which I think I remember you said it did then you're good. But if you want something really nice with a lot of decorative stitches and free motion, make the investment and you'll have a machine that can grow with you, and you won't grow out of. Also having money for fabric is VERY NICE!!!

Brandy said...

oh yeah if it's loud oil it and change the needle. As soon as my machine starts going cu-chunk cu-chunk I put a new needle in. Probably after about 15-20 hours of sewing.My Bernina runs quieter than my Pfaff, and I know Brothers run quieter too.