Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stampin' Up! Quilt Block

I'm super excited to show my first Quilt Block!! 

But, I can't take credit for the design. 
We were given these blocks at Leadership.

To make my life a little easier I decided to copy it. 
But I have some questions....the fabric on the left is so much softer and the edges are fuzzier.  I want that look!! 
You know me....I'll search until I find the answer!!

I hand washed it and it dried over night ....should I have washed it in the machine and then dried it?
Tune in later for the answer :)
   See ya!

p.s. Click here for more details on how to make one of these Quilt Blocks.

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Julie Edmonds said...

Hi Angie,

Here's a tip for you - My Mom's washing method for creating fabulous soft and fluffy ragging :)

She puts the item into the washing machine on gentle cycle with some liquid fabric softner. She just lets it stay in there long enough to have 5-10 minutes in the swishing part of the cycle. Then pull it out - gently press out the excess water and put it in the dryer. If it bothers you that the fabric softner has not been washed off you can run it under water when you pull it out before you dry it. Remember to push out the excess water...

She always gets nice soft ragging with that technique but it doesn't beat up her work too bad. Hope that helps you!!

t. phillips said...

Good job!! You should definately washed and dried your material first, as with most sewing projects.

Anonymous said...

the amount of "raggy-ness" also depends on the quality of the cotton fabric you use. The higher end fabric is much more "raggy"

Nancy Horn said...

To make the fabric puckery you would not wash it before you sew it, then when you (machine) was it after you are done it will pucker and looked raggy. I know this goes against ALL sewing rules to always wash your fabric first, but to achieve that puckery/raggy look you need to work with the fabrics when they are starched and NOT pre-shrunk, course I always wash fabrics if they are the "cheaper" kind, but dont wash the backing, sashing, etc and then you will achieve almost the same effect . . .