Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kindle Clutch

I've spent hours & hours trying to figure out a bag for my Kindle!!  

 I'm happy to report....
I've found it! 

Take a look.....

Don't look to close at the seam right below the Kindle.  
I realized too late that I didn't do it right.

I fixed it on the next one.

I'm going to call it my Kindle Clutch :)
The choices were Kindle Bag, Kindle Purse, Kindle Cozy or Kindle Clutch. 

Is there another word for it? 

I made both of them using 12 Scallop Squares made from the Big Shot Die Cut Machine & the Scallop Square Die.

Here's a picture....

After I cut the squares I stitched them together.

 Then I ironed the seams down.

Here's what it looks like after I stitched all the rows together
and ironed the seams down.

Next.... you'll add the Fusible Fleece.

Here's one I made just cutting a straight piece of fabric instead of using squares. 

I like the squares better for a couple reasons.  
It allows me to turn the fabric...when you have birds or an object that you don't want upside down, this is important.
Notice the birds & birdcage is upside down :O 
With using squares you can turn each piece the way you want it. 

And by using squares you have additional seams that give it more character.  Scroll back up to the picture with the chocolate and you'll see the chocolate stitching. 

One more note about my Kindle Clutch.
  I use a pink silicone cover .... it adds additional protection and makes it fit very snug inside my Clutch.  Without the silicone might want to trim off 1/2" to make is snugger.

Here's a picture of my Kindle with the pink silicone protector.

I'm working on the video & the instructions and should have them ready in a few days. The video will be free for anyone to view and the instructions will be available for a small fee.  

The video will be posted on my Chic n Scratch Live! website and the instructions will be available on The Chic Stand.

See ya!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know where you get the energy and the time to do all that you do..........patm

corinnesomerville said...

Angie these are absolutely, postively gorgeous !! I'm so proud of you...and jealous...I'm not much of a seamstress :)

Big hugs and see you soon !!
Love ya

Trish in Wisconsin said...

I thought it was Christmas and you were supposed to take a break and rest with Dave. ha, ha. Very, very nice. I really like the brown one. I don't own a kindle and probably never will, but if I did, I would want you to make one for me. These are so cool. Happy Holidays.

Trish in Wisconsin

9kids said...

I love this, Angie! Can hardly wait to see the video.

Mary Ann Traina said...

Angie, why don't you do a lap quilt or something bigger? Then you can post how you put the fleece and backing layers together. I have had the top of one put together for a couple years but am not quite sure how to put the rest of it together and keep everything flat. You could do a video on that. Your purses are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

First - I'm not a quilter and only ever visit your stamping blog. Second - You just made it soooo much harder to resist getting a Kindle! Third - you are soooo creative! Hope your husband is feeling better! - Debbie

Linda D. said...

Angie. You are so multi talented. I can't believe that you had never sewn before and picked this us so quickly. You do a beautiful job on whatever you make. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope Dave is doing much better and you and the family have a wonder new year.

Linda D.

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to pick up sewing again. Your projects are so cute and creative. Thank you,
Caryl W.

Stephanie A said...

OK No one asked so maybe I am the only one who doesn't know this...what is a Kindle?

Anonymous said...

A kindle is an electronic device that holds hundreds (?) of books. You are also able to purchase a book and have it sent to your kindle within seconds. Boom, istant read! It's basically your own personal library in the palm of your hand.
So jealous, but so love how take the time to share with us....thanks so much and keep it coming!

Stacy Simpson said...

I just got a Kindle for Christmas - love this clutch! Where did you get your silicone protector?

Cheryl Fillers said...

I was gonna ask what a kindle was also . Didnt have a clue so I read on a bit now I see someone else ask also. Now I know . Thanks Nice Job. Cheryl

Michele said...

wow, your instructions and videos are awesome! Very well done! Love the fabrics you used!