Saturday, February 2, 2013

Final Cut Pro X

I did it!!!

Another item on my Bucket List was to learn how to use Final Cut Pro.  I bought Final Cut years ago .... never could figure it out .... then I bought Final Cut Pro X because I was determined to learn it. 

Signed up for for the training videos  .... but still couldn't figure it out.

Ask a friend for help .. timing was an issue.

Road block after road block.

So, yesterday I got soooo upset that I decided when I got back from my doctors appointment I would just sit and play...with something that would make me feel good.

But first .... let's talk about why I was so upset.

I woke up yesterday realizing that my shopping cart service was not charging my recurring customers.  I watched their training videos and set it up exactly as they showed me.  And no where do they say "oh by the way if you use Paypal to handle the credit cards you need to do something else".

After paying for support ... two phone calls later .. it still doesn't work.  I've done everything they said and I have no clue where to turn for help. 

Well .. enough about that .. I will keep on trucking and try to find out the problem... let's get back to my excitement!

I say .....I learned how to use Final Cut Pro ..... I think I spoke too soon.  I have no clue how I did  it and if I can duplicate it.  I still can't figure out how to import videos from my camera. 

But I'm still excited!  I posted my first final cut pro video last night and it was My Chic n Scratch Bloopers #9.  It's not perfect .. but it's done.

I was thinking yesterday .... do I want to share this story ...what good could come of it?  and then it came to me ..... all my blog posts do not have to be uplifting .. I have to share the good with the bad or the bad with the good. 

I wish I had a picture to share with you today .. but it's been soooo cold that we can hardly go outside ......and Miss Bella is a dirty dog from playing in the rain and snow! (she's gets a bath on Wednesday)

See ya!
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Kathy P. said...

I love your stories! Love the ups and downs because we all have them. I want to tackle one of your rag purses. It is womething I have been wanting to learn to do for a while now. After my daughter's wedding it is first on my list. Thanks Angie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

I'm sure Miss Bella is still adorable even if she is a dirty dog. And she sounded very cute on the Bloopers video.
Good luck with the Final Cut Pro.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...Your bloopers make me laugh! It was good to hear Bella in the background and hope you can post a picture of her after her bath! Thanks for the laughs today! Karen