Thursday, January 3, 2013


Instead of posting a picture today .. I'm sharing a video of my favorite American Idol winner .. Lee DeWyze.  If you were a fan of my Angie Everyday blog .. you know he was my favorite (sorry I didn't transfer all that over from my old blog).

Fight is his latest single ... and I'm looking forward to buying the CD (or download on iTunes).

I'm sharing two videos of the same song .. I tend to like  the acoustic version ..... you hear the voice .... not all the instruments.  But I really like both versions... .. the 2nd one sounds like it's ready to be on iTunes!!

This one includes some lovely pictures of him and his wife.

 Speaking of American Idol .. I said after Simon left I wasn't watching it .. but then they brought in Steven Tyler and he really added some heart and soul  (character ).   So I stayed .. then when they said he was leaving .. I said .. I'm done.    But they did it again .. they brought Keith Urban in .. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of person he really is.

On another note .. I'm almost done with my Gumbo recipe .. if all goes well .. it should get posted tomorrow.

See ya!
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