Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chase & Dave

My two boys ... well one is ..... the other is my hubby.

Over Christmas break ..... Dave and I did most of our shopping together.
That is not the normal .... but since I was so behind he really stepped up to the plate. He told me after every day of shopping "I'm not going to be your chauffeur anymore" ...but the next day came ... and there he was!

A few days before Christmas we went to the Best Buy where Chase works .. and he happened to be on break .. so I snapped a picture of him and Dave with my iPhone.  He hates the picture .... but oh well I think he looks so cute!! Both of them.

See ya!
p.s. have you noticed ... I've posted 5 days straight?

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Anonymous said...

Yes and I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Of course I could always enjoy more pictures of Bella too!


Dianne said...

Bella looks so comfortable. How do you keep the "white upholstery" so clean? I love your cozy and stylish . And, "your boys" are very handsome. You have a nice family. Happy New Year and a better one than last year.

Dianne Bell -