Friday, November 23, 2012

My Christmas tree gets smaller every year!

Dave and I went to Ace Hardware and Hobby Lobby this morning and when we got home he said ... our Christmas tree gets smaller every year!

For the past two years I've used my Kitchen tree in the living room ... it was tall and skinny.  But this year I decided that I didn't want to move furniture  ..... you could basically say I'm being lazy!!

I bought this 4 foot tree at Hobby Lobby.

 I think I'll get past this lazy stage ...but maybe not.

I'm still toying with whether or not to bring up a couple Snow Villages.

Today is Chase's 20 birthday ... bless his heart he had to work at Best Buy from midnight last night to noon today.  He's pretty zonked out!!

Here's a picture I took of Miss Bella tonight ... she's so dang cute!  We're training her on the electric fence this week and she was doing really well ...and now she's not.... I hope Dave gets it done before he leaves (I'm too emotional to watch her get a shock).

See ya!

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