Friday, December 17, 2010

Squares & Diamonds Quilt is complete

I picked up my Squares & Diamonds quilt from the long arm quilter yesterday and I'm so thankful she was able to get it done so fast!!

Here's the pictures  ...I wish it was sunny outside!!

I made this quilt for my aunt Betsy. 

Have a great day!!

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Mary said...

Your Aunt is really going to love her throw!! Love how soft the colors are, of course, blue is my favorite color too! Mary

weberk said...

I love it!!

a1angiem said...

btw...the backing fabric is beautiful!!! Does you quilter quilt right over your applique squares? Does she use binding for the edge or fold over the backing fabric? Thank you!

a1angiem said...

I picked out a darker fabric for my Flower Quilt backing (the foundation top squares are vanilla) and now just read that you shouldn't use a darker back with a lighter front b/c it creates shadows on the top. I was inspired by the beautiful backing fabric you chose for this quilt. Did you have any problems with the dark colour showing through the top? (Looks perfect in the photo). Thanks!