Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You are the best!

I hope you're up for a laugh!! 
Let me start out by saying...that not a single person ask me what I was doing..... not one person corrected me :) 
What a hoot!!! 
Funny how it happens more often than not....but not this time when I really needed it.

So, my last post....I showed you my latest Quilt....but I called it my Squares and Triangles Quilt....
Say what?
There are no Triangles on that thing :)
I'd like to say it was the pain meds talking....but you know I sometimes lose my words....especially when you're making a quilt top in 24 hours....filming the video while making it and..... while taking pain meds and muscle relaxers :)   
The Quilt is Squares & Diamonds and when I was editing the video the other night it dawned on me that I had typed the wrong thing.

Now for the question of the day....did any of you catch it?  

I'm still laughing!!!

See ya :)

p.s. the video is ready I just need to get it loaded on you tube. I was trying to get the instructions done at the same time but I'm not sure I can...we'll see if I can work miracles in the next few days.

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