Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wire Dress Form

Look what arrived yesterday......

I ordered her from Amazon and I was thrilled that I got it so fast!!

Here's what she looks like in my backyard :)

I need to name her ...... I'm leaning towards Bella since we all love the Twilight series so much!!  Plus....doesn't she look like a Bella?   I'll wait to name her until I get some feedback :)  Once I name her ...can I change it?

Here's what she looks like with "The Shoulder Bag".

I still need to work on photographing these things!!  But it does look better on her versus hanging on a chair.

I have one more bag to name you haven't seen.
  Do you want to help? 

Here's the catch.....every name I came up with.......when I Google's already been used.   Even Angie's Bag and Brookie's Bag.....even Kimberly and Betsy :(

Until I figure out a name I can't film the video.  I even checked out a baby name website and most of the girls name I choose were also taken.
   (Hence the reason the bag in the above picture is called the "Chick n Stitch Shoulder Bag".)

See ya later!

p.s. Dave & I were talking about the dress form and I told him I was going to buy her some clothes....that might be fun buying skinny clothes again!!  That reminds me...... I joke with Brooke about how much fun I had buying her clothes when she was little ...she was my very own Barbie Doll!!  Now she won't let me pick out's a teen thing :)

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Ally said...

Can the bag be worn as a sling? It looks super cute!

Mary said...

Could you name your bag..."Angie's Bella Bag"?

yvette said...

I love the name for the dress form

RitaKay said...

Try photographing the dress form (I like Bella as her name) in front of one solid color. Or since she is black, make sure the background is white.
For the bag: the Bella Chic Bag or the Chic 'n Scratch sling bag

The Gaertegang Homestead said...

What about Samantha Sling bag? Just a thought. Lovin' the form! Can't wait to see the new bag!!!!

MaryAnn Grove said...

how about Betsy's Bag. that dress form is so stinking cute, you will probably start a run on these from Amazon. thanks for sharing. MaryAnn

Sabriena Satchwell said...

Bella is an amazing name for the dress form. It goes perfectly with the chic wire design.
As for a new bag name one way to make it unique is to spell it differently. Just like my name, Sabriena (spelt with an 'e') I have yet to meet another Sabri(e)na who's name is spelt like mine.

Anonymous said...

Ester, Loula May, Beatrice, Windy ;)lol (possible names for the bag) Me ♥'s the name of your dress form...


Kim's Bizzy Bumble said...

I bet Kimberley isn't taken!
Sometimes a different spelling is a good thing!!

Lorraine Toll said...

I like the name "Bella" for the dress form too, BTW she's really cute! I'm a twilight fan myself! =D As for the name for the bag Lorraine is a good one,but im sorta partial to that name! Plus it's usually not a name i come across often. TFS!

Anonymous said...

Talia's bag?