Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"The Shoulder Bag"

Here's the latest.....
I'm sorry I know it's hard to tell what it looks like.....just hanging over a chair (click on the image to view it larger).  It's a Sling bag and I'm calling it "The Shoulder Bag".  It's actually going to be my ipad bag. My ipad fits perfectly in there and I used white flannel inside to protect it (I have a cover but sometimes I take it off).

Good news.........I ordered a Dress Form on Amazon today :) it should arrive on Saturday......that means the next time you see this will be hanging on a mannequin (or in a video).  

I'm super excited!! I had to make sure I ordered one that had some arms so my handbags could hang on her shoulder.  I think I may name her :)  That just came to me....that means I need another name.  Dang! naming stuff never ends :)

More news....I think I've got a name for all my bags....
Chick n Stitch Designs  .....  Handbags, Totes & Fabric Creations.
So, what do you think?  (I'm still working on the tag line...all you ladies that have a strength with wording things....  feel free to lend a helping hand.)

Here's an example:
Chick n Stitch "The Shoulder Bag"
Chick n Stitch "Savanna Bag"
Chick n Stitch "It's a Keeper Book Bag"

So, what do you think?

See ya!!

p.s. I still have more sewing projects to show you...I was on a roll :)
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Sabriena Satchwell said...

I love this bag! And I LOVE your "Chick n Stitch Designs" name. :-) (oh and I just have to add in as a total side note WOW is your grass ever green!)

ThreadCatcher said...

You have been busy! I enjoy seeing all your creations and have been inspired by a few. I think your new manniquin should be named too. "Chickie" is what came to me when you mentioned it. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Handicraft for the iPad? Quilting, Knitting, Crochet and Embroidery, each with patterns and video instruction. You can see it in the app store or at

Stephanie A said...

I love your stuff! Your tag names are very creative also! YOur model should have a name of course! How about Chixie! Best of luck in all of your ventures!

Julie said...

Hi Angie,

Name your dress form Tote-ally Tess of course :) gotta get a little stampin up into your sewing room whenever you can!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the design name you chose. For the shoulder bag how about the name victoria because it has a v shape strap so to say. Tote-ally Tess would be an awesome name for the model.Just like Julie suggested. You do a great job on your bags.

Lisa C said...

I love the name "Chick 'n Stitch Designs"! Very cute and marketable. You could even use CSD as a monogram or something, maybe? As for the names, I like the Savanna-type names for your bags instead of "Shoulder bag" - it makes it sound more exclusive and more people will want them! "The Savannah" is very cool. Now to name the dress form - I like Chica or something along those lines to go with your business name. Something catchy that goes with your blogs. Can you tell I'm in marketing? lol