Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gypsy Gripper

I've received a ton of emails asking me about the Tools I've been I'll start a series of posts about the tools of the trade. 

This is a Gypsy Gripper ...... but I like to call it my old timey telephone :) 

Seriously I hold it up to my ear and I keep saying "Hello" really loud...both my kids rolls their eyes at me.  But I remind them...would they rather I be a stick in the mud or a little silly.  I vote for a laugh any day and believe it's the best medicine in the word!!

There's three sizes and I have two of them....truth be told I'm not sure I need the smaller one but I was just so's the medium one.

You can google it to find them online or ask your local Quilt store.

See ya later!
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