Sunday, January 31, 2010

Checking in :)

I thought I better check in :)
It's been over a month since I touched my sewing machine.

Sad but true :(

I have several things in my head...several things started but not finished.
I started the Rag Quilt Blanket/Throw and it's still nice & organized just waiting for me to start sewing. (I always crash & burn during the holidays...why did I think I could make an entire blanket?)  So..... do I work on a Christmas Quilt now or do I save it for the Fall and start on a beautiful spring one?

I wish I could tell you when I'll get a chance to finish up somethings.
It may be on Feb. 21.
I've planned that day to sew with some friends.

Between the holidays, Dave's surgery (& the scare), Stampin' Up! Leadership meeting, Product Shares & playing catch up I've been snowed up.
I also set some new goals over the holidays and I've been working on some kinks in my system (that makes sense doesn't it?)

I think I may have to make a flower or something this week....just so I don't forget how to thread the bobbin again :)

See ya!

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1 comment:

Yaneri -ScrapyCrafter- said...

Can't wait to see what you create in this section Angie!!! I've been so inspired by your sewing techniques and videos!! Can't till next week what you got to show us!!!

Yaneri in California