Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Viking Sewing Machine

I've had several ladies ask what sewing machine I bought.
So, here it is.....
Here's an up close look at it.....

It's a Viking Emerald 118.
Do I like it?
Yes, I love it!
But, remember I'd never touched a sewing machine before September.

I just found out a few weeks ago that it has a thread cutter and parts remove so I can sew my purses easier (Donna was here and showed me.......we both laughed when she removed it & Styrofoam was still in there :)

For what I plan on making....I believe this machine has everything I need.  It was also National sewing month when I bought it and I saved a $100 :)  

Now for the big question......
Do I wish I had purchased a Quilting Machine.
Kinda sorta.
But I'm still not sure I can justify the money and I'm not sure I'll ever get into making actual quilts. I love them ...but I'm not a patient person.  I can whip out a purse in about five hours give or take an hour or two and that makes me happy.  If it took me longer than that I would probably never finish it.  

Hope this info helps you!!

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care_bear said...

LOL....when I first started sewing a few months ago, I bought a brand new brother machine (decent machine), I was making a rag quilt and it worked okay for that. Then I got into sewing the flowers and purses, and designing some things and I couldn't stand my machine. I tried my friend's who has a Husquvarna, and went straight the the sewing store and purchased the Emerald 230....I never thought I would pay over $1000.00 for a sewing machine, but it was worth every penny, I lOVE it!!