Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Quilting Organization

Quilting Organization

I've had some ladies ask if I'd share how I store my fabric so I took some pictures this morning.  It's not an elaborate system but it's working for now.  

The first picture is of how I store my Charm Packets and Fat Quarters....I bought the darling stand in Nell Hills several years ago (if you live in the Kansas area you're familiar with Nell Hill). 

Charm packets

The next picture is all the fabric I own (this shelf was cheap & I found it at Wal-Mart).  See all the pink & white fabric?  I bought that on sale and I'm going to make a Rag Quilt Baby Blanket. (I'm tardy on sending a baby gift to my cousin and I hope it will be so darling that all will be forgiven.)

Fabric storage
The next picture is of that whole wall that I've dedicated to sewing. (I cleaned it up before I took the picture, you and I both know that the top of that shelf is never clean!!) The basket on the left has all my Batting.  The basket on the right has instructions, a few Quilting magazines, extra needles, rotary cutter and all my thread (I keep the Thread stored in one of our clear Stamp boxes).  The little box on the shelf has all my miscellaneous fabric scraps.

Fabric org

The next picture is off the Rag Quilt Bag that started out being a bag for my Kindle....but it may turn out to be something else.  The fabric on the inside is called Minky and it's a tad harder to work with (it stretches) but it's so soft & beautiful! I made this bag also using the Big Shot with the Scallop Square Die.
Kindle bag
Next picture is of my Kindle and the bag :)
And here it is inside it....I haven't added handles because I'm not sure if I want to hang it off my shoulder or just have short straps to carry it.
Kindle in bag
If you're unfamiliar with the Amazon it or go to Amazon.  Next to buying my Mac computer it's one of the best things I've ever bought!!!  If you read a lot of books it's perfect!  My house has thousands of books (not sure it's really thousands but it's a lot) and the Kindle will store 1500 books on it and it's as thin as a pencil.

See ya!

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