Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I really miss having a blog that I can just write about anything and everything.
So ....

I think I may start posting again.

Plus ....

It's nice to to look back at all the things I've shared.

Lately I've not felt very good ... and my meds are in the process of being tweaked (increased three weeks ago)  ... and I'm thinking if I use this site to journal everything ... it would be a good thing.

Some will say ... you could just keep a regular journal and not post it online.
But ....

I read a quote from someone a month ago ... that if he could help just one person .. it was worth sharing his story.  That story moved me and ever since I've tried to figure out how I can help others ... as well as myself.

I'm not sure if anyone follows this site anymore ... if anybody is out there ... let's see how many days I   make it :)

Update February 12th 2015 I decided to not use this site for my personal posts.  If you want to keep up with my quilting, Miss Bella or all my personal stuff head over to angiejuda.com.

See ya!
p.s. I'm on a mission to improve my health .... and possibly help others in the process (meaning this site will have nothing to do with Chic n Scratch the paper crafting site).
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