Sunday, March 24, 2013

March fishing

My picture today is of my hubby ..... it's his birthday (happy birthday hubby of mine) and he's been fishing all week.

He caught (and released) a 6 pound bass yesterday ....   It looks bigger than 6 pounds to me!

He always catches big fish in March!!  I'm not sure what it is ... I'm sure he could tell you.

When we were on Spring Break this week I told him I could never live at the lake house full time (nearest movie theater and mall is far far away).  

So we discussed when we would go to warmer climate and when we'd come back (when we retire).  He said I'm coming back in March (the best fishing month of the year).  So, I said "okay .. you come back early .. but I'm not".   I'll see you either in April, May or maybe even June :)

We have more snow to report .. I think Olathe got around 6 or 7 inches .. based on my ruler on the back deck.  And it's still snowing ... brrrrrrr!

See ya!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow - looks like a big fish to me!
We got 6 inches of snow where I live in Illinois and theres a possibility of some more today. The wind hasn't helped either.

Stay safe,